Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Strange Stars OSR now available...

My good friend Trey at the Sorcerer's Skull blog has released the OSR edition of Strange Stars:

Now available for digital download:

Now you can explore the STRANGE STARS universe in Sine Nomine Publishing's acclaimed Stars Without Number or similar Old School Rennaissance-derived games!

Join a salvage mission to steal ancient tech from the wreck of a deranged sophont warship. Scavange parts from giant ancient robots on Gogmagog. Cross swords with a Zao Pirate in hard vacuum. Experience a galaxy of adventure with STRANGE STARS OSR!

This 35-page rule book includes:

- Tips for creatings characters and 19 clades from Atozan librarians to armored thrax warriors as player character options.
- A catalog of adversaries and threats from the monstrous ssraad to the more subtle agents of the Instrumentality.
- A gazeteer of known worlds and rules for creating random orbital habitats
- A sampling of factions big and small from across the known galaxy
- Advice on running adventures and campaigns in the Strange Stars with a random adventure seed generator


  1. Oh you just nailed it with this update. I was waiting for this digital download for long long time. your blog is just what i am looking for. now i would follow your blog for sure.

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